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CVU reports failed on IZ97457, IZ89165 and some Network Parameters.

Posted by oracleideas on April 14, 2012

While installing Grid Infrastructure , CVU reported  IZ97457, IZ89165 and network parameters failed. I did check it manually it was all reported OK by somehow OUI was not getting round it… So started looking for bugs and Here is the BUG.

11gR2 OUI On AIX Pre-Requisite Check Gives Error “Patch IZ97457, IZ89165 Are Missing” [ID 1439940.1]

OUI checks specific fixes using instfix command instead looking at TL / SP level (oslevel -s). Recent TL4 has already included both patches. So both can be safely ignored.

On Network Parameters.  if you check using no -a , you will find all parameters are set correctly (Make sure all after setting ipqmaxlen nodes are rebooted). However OUI still reporting network parameters expected value is XXXXX and current value is null , which again looks like BUG.  Look at the below below bug which is mentioned as impacting but fixed in , but this is not correct.. its still impacting

Bug 10129309 – AIX: CVU does not check network tunables on AIX [ID 10129309.8]



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OEM Agent upload problem .. Is TimeZone wrong ??

Posted by oracleideas on June 11, 2011

Check which Agents are in which TimeZones
 SELECT target_name, timezone_region   FROM   mgmt_targets 
   WHERE  target_type = ‘&Instance_Type’
     AND  target_name = ‘&Target_Name’;

SQL to detect problematic agents with Skewed Timings 
      SELECT agent, timezone_region, difference “seconds”,
              TRIM(TO_CHAR(MOD(ABS(difference),60),’09’))||’s’ clock_skew
FROM   (SELECT t.target_name agent, t.timezone_region,
                *86400 difference
        FROM   mgmt_emd_ping p, mgmt_targets t
        WHERE  p.target_guid = t.target_guid
          AND  p.status      = 1)
WHERE  difference NOT BETWEEN -91 AND 91
ORDER BY difference

Set the TimeZone of an Agent

exec mgmt_target.set_agent_tzrgn(‘agentmachine.domain:3872′,’Europe/London’);

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Grid Control PSU 3 – 11727299 Woooooes

Posted by oracleideas on June 11, 2011

I had several problems with deploying latest OMS PSU.

1. After deploying the patch I was not able to start OMS so I was advised to copy emCORE.jar file from any other environment where this patch was not applied.

2. After copying emCORE.jar I had some wierd problem. OMS was up but OEM home page was displaying the no. of targets only , Alerts and all other info were completely missing.

Finally We could figure out somehow when i download the patch one of the class file getting corrupted. So I downloaded one more time and copied to AIX box from local laptop… this time it work. So IDEA is to have a mount point with all the necessary software loaded .. its kind of Software repository which can be remotely mounted to other servers. So no need to copy software everytime you build a new environment.

One more thing, I have noticed OPATCH was dead slow so download latest OPatch .. ths version is specially tuned to reduce CPU cycles and memory requirement during patch deployment.

As I have instructions handy so you may find them handy too 🙂

 OMS PATCHING (11727299)

opatch lsinventory
opatch prereq CheckConflictAgainstOHWithDetail -phBaseDir ./11727299
emctl stop oms -all
cd 11727299
opatch apply
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/rcuJDBCEngine sys/<sys_pwd>@dbhost:1521:dbname JDBC_SCRIPT post_install_script.sql $PWD $ORACLE_HOME
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/rcuJDBCEngine sys/<sys_pwd>@dbhost:1521:dbname JDBC_SCRIPT post_install_patch.sql $PWD $ORACLE_HOME


opatch lsinventory

opatch prereq CheckConflictAgainstOHWithDetail -phBaseDir ./9345906
emctl stop agent
cd 9345906
opatch apply
emctl start agent

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Flashback Database – Corruption Cave

Posted by oracleideas on June 11, 2011

I always insist to enable flash back database in Development / Test database. Reason as simple incase Genius developers make a mistake .. a human bevior only then intead of taking too much overhead on DBAs its easier to flashback quickly as rolling back using RMAN.

However recently I had seen few nasty block corruptions on Index as well on one a table too.. I found reason too.. those indexes and tables were in nologgin mode. So idea  is whenever you create database always include force logging clause.

There is another seprate debate what about nologging operations. For that i would have another post probably.



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Redundant Interconnect – Oracle

Posted by oracleideas on June 11, 2011

We have been seeing VIP tied up with Public IPs. When I installed first time i was amazed to see ips tied up with Private IPs as well. Oracle started this feature with only. During Installation I have not provided them , just supplied two private IPs for redundant purpose.

I quite like the idea using IPs for high availability purpose. Apparently there is specific need for this feature i.e. MULTICAST. Oracle GI installation may fail if multicast is not enabled. Oracle has released a BUF Fix as solution to fix this problem.

These IPs are HAIP (High availability Virtual IPs) . Oracle RAC uses them for redunant purpose as well as for load balancing. If  a private interconnect interface fails then Cluster transparently moves the corresponding HAIP address to remaining working interface.

Problem :: will fail on second node during GI Installation.

CRS-4402: The CSS daemon was started in exclusive mode but found an active CSS daemon on node hexatech1 , and is terminating
An active cluster was found during exclusive startup, restarting to join the cluster
Failed to start Oracle Clusterware stack 

Solution :: Login to , and follow below notes.

Bug 9974223 – Allow multicast communications on [ID 9974223.8]

Oracle Grid Infrastructure Installation or Upgrade may fail due to Multicasting Requirement [ID 1212703.1]


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Posted by oracleideas on April 6, 2011

First post. I have been thinking to do write ups about Oracle products. I have done few in past on google.blogspot.. As most of the Oracle geeks hitting wordpress so i thought i should follow the leaders or you say treand setters 🙂

Anyway here you go.

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